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About Ringdal Marketing

We passionate about bringing you beautiful high quality authentic products.  You can rest assure that all products purchased from us are authentic from producer.

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Family business.

We are a family business, established 2005 and located with our head-office in Norway, delivering products to all parts of Europe.  Depending on which one of our many shops, we ship to most countries in Europe and from some of them to all countries in Europe.

We pride ourselves in running efficient online shops, delivering high quality authentic products within Europe.  

Other businesses we run.

We run online websites; 

  • Salon.no - selling inventory to the professional beauty business, delivering to all parts of Europe
  • Babywix.com - selling high quality babyclothes 
  • Cozmoqueen.com - selling high quality authentic cosmetics and perfumes

Head-office in Norway.

Our head-office is located in Norway in a beautiful old building which has been put on preservation list for buildings in Lørenskog where we are at.